Finding A Niche That's (Actually) Profitable and Fullfilling | Ezekiel Rochat | TCJ Entry 048

July 16, 2024
Finding A Niche That's (Actually) Profitable and Fullfilling | Ezekiel Rochat | TCJ Entry 048

Please Welcome Ezekiel Rochat to the Creative's Journal Podcast! Ezekiel is a Christ follower, web designer, and owner of Rocship Designs based in Knoxville, Tennessee.


00:00 - Introduction to Ezekiel Rochat and his journey into web design
05:15 - Ezekiel's background in homeschooling and early entrepreneurial experiences
10:04 - Transition from working for his father's business to starting his own web design business
15:20 - The importance of choosing a niche and Ezekiel's process for selecting his focus on coaches, consultants, and solopreneurs
20:21 - Discussion on the challenges and benefits of niching down
25:03 - Ezekiel's approach to marketing himself, including his "10-5-1" LinkedIn strategy
30:07 - The value of consistency in marketing efforts and the concept of "silent lurkers"
35:05 - Ezekiel's website packages and the iterative process of developing his service offerings
40:04 - The benefits of having clear, packaged pricing for web design services
45:05 - Insights on working with solopreneurs and understanding their unique needs
50:21 - Ezekiel's experience with productized services and the importance of simplicity in pricing
55:47 - Closing thoughts and where to find Ezekiel online (LinkedIn)

Key Takeaways:

  • Consistency in marketing efforts, especially on platforms like LinkedIn, can lead to long-term benefits
  • Choosing a niche can be challenging but can ultimately lead to more focused and effective marketing
  • Clear, packaged pricing can simplify the sales process for both the service provider and clients
  • Working with solopreneurs offers unique advantages, including more direct communication and mutual understanding