Balancing Marketing and Creativity with Drake Jimenez

Drake Jimenez: Boost your business by leadership by example.

July 3, 2024
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Ever wish you had your own personal small business marketing expert at your beck and call, 24/7, giving you trusted advice that has worked for hundreds just like you?

Sorry. I can't do that for you.

But- I can talk to other industry experts, one's who have lifted small businesses from the depths of marketing purgatory, and deliver their wisdom straight to your inbox.

How does that sound?

I had the privilege of sitting down with Drake Jimenez, the visionary founder of Holy Hill Media in Defiance, Ohio. Drake's journey from a college dropout to a successful entrepreneur running a multi-location marketing agency is both inspiring and insightful.

It is literally his job to help small business owners flip the script and make their marketing work for them.

Here are four actionable quotes from Drake on Small Business Marketing, Growth, Teamwork, and Leadership that you can apply right now.

On Clarity of Vision

"If you don't have a clear vision for your company, you don't understand the kind of work culture you want to develop, if you don't understand where you want your business to be in two months, six months, a year, 5, 10 years from now, neither will they."

⭐️ It's hard to know what the actions you must take now are to lead to the future that you want. Carving out time to identify your motives and perspectives is important.

Drake and the team @ Holy Hill Media

On Setting the Pace

"Your team only moves as fast as you allow them to. Creating an expectation for growth and then expecting them to grow are two very different things."

⭐️ being a leader is not easy. I recently onboarded our first team member at MMG and it can be overwhelming.. but it's also so exciting.

On Leadership

"It never stops. Your team's watching you on socials, your team watches how you handle certain situations."

⭐️ I imagine this is what parenthood is like. Regardless, living life, as though you are trying to set an example is a good stance to default to.

@Andy fanboying during the interview

On Creative versus Marketing

"Creative is just a helping force, an element of marketing that helps someone take action. That action is then quantifiable."

⭐️ both are important, and both are necessary. If you're focused on growth, then creativity is an element you can manipulate to get new outcomes.

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