3 Non-Awkward Ways To Ask For Better Customer Testimonials

Skyrocket your business with 3 secret testimonial strategies!

June 26, 2024
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(More) Social Proof.

(Powerful) Testimonials.

(Better) Customer Reviews.

These are so important to the growth of your business... and it's also the most organic form of marketing.

They build your brand and make it a lot easier for people to get past the friction of starting business with someone new. But... we've all gotten a testimonial where it's hard to use as an actual marketing asset

Sure- they might leave a few kind words.. but this could just be because they like you and not your product/service.

An example:

"Andy is just so awesome!! He drew us this amazing logo and we used it on all of our packaging and website. Plus- he's super funny and easy to work with!!" Now- not saying this is bad. Heck, it would probably make me blush. But it looks like something that my grandma wrote. (Love you, Mammaw)

As I started asking for more, I learned that there are three ways to go about asking to get the most productive response.

I call them the star, the coach, and the hero.

#1: Make them the STAR ⭐️


"I would love to feature our collaboration on the website, and include a few words from you about our project! Could you offer a brief statement about our experience together?"

✅ Why it works:

This makes them feel special (because they are) and makes them want to support you because they know it will get visibility.

#2: Make them the COACH 👴🏻


"As a partner, I really value your feedback... What was your opinion on our process- could you say a few words about how it served you, specific parts of it you liked, and how others could get the most out of it?"

✅ Why it works:

This is equally productive because it gives them a moral obligation to be constructive, clear, and specific.

#3: Make them the HERO 🦸


"As we wrap up this project, I would love to make an ask: A testimonial from you would go a long way in helping me find and work with more awesome people like yourself. Could you offer a few words about your experience working with me?"

✅ Why it works:

This gives your client leverage and makes them feel valued. By saying how much it would mean to you personally, and that they value your input... it also makes them more likely to go above and beyond.

Communication is tough, and knowing how customer's act is as well. A book that helped me understand consumer biases REALLY well is "The Art of Thinking Clearly" By Rolf Dobelli.

Rolf Dobelli's Must-Read Masterpiece

In fact, I actually added this to The Essential Business Owner's Reading Database- a Notion Database of all the most valuable Business Books- searchable by genre, summarized, with links to buy them online.

Check it out if you want to be the most well-read business owner in your circle... and get better testimonials in the process!