3 Real Takeaways on Rebrands from a Branding "Expert"

ConvertKit's brand evolution and the power of simplicity.

June 25, 2024
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ICYMI (That's fancy lingo for "in case you missed it") Convertkit, the popular marketing tool, is rebranding. This will result in a name change and likely a new logo, colors, and website.

As a Brand Specialist (using the term "expert" very loosely here), I can share many lessons here... things you can apply to your branding.

The biggest discussion point is how transparent they are with the process. Rather than just surprising everyone and announcing it, they've taken the approach to "Rebranding in Public" and making a whole case study of the progress, gathering feedback, and learning from their audience.

Nathan Barry of ConvertKit

1 Branding is Emotional

It's important to remember that everyone will have an opinion. Regardless if your message is on point, the designs fit your target demographic, the change is justified, change is scary.

This is why branding is so difficult, but important to get right. If you've been in business for years, you've built affinity with your current logo and messaging.

Nathan, Convertkit's founder, was very open about this. After building ConvertKit → Soon to be Kit since early 2013, and already going through one failed rebrand, the last thing he wants to do is alienate the people who supported him.

If you are considering a rebrand for your business- approach it through the lens of your customer. How would you feel? How can you brand your product/service so that it reaches and helps as many people as possible?

2 Transparency builds trust

ConvertKit opted for a transparent rebranding process, involving their community every step of the way. This approach, known as rebranding in public, means sharing the journey with your audience, gathering their feedback, and making them feel a part of the transformation.

Engaging your customers in your rebrand can turn them into brand advocates. This can be scary... but it's important to remember that these rebrands have a natural way of filtering in and out your ideal audience.

ConvertKit kept its users informed through blog posts, social media updates, and feedback sessions, creating a sense of ownership and trust.

If you have an audience, even a small one, sharing is important.

3 The Power of Simplicity

Just because you are rebranding, it doesn't mean that you have to shed your past identity like a snake. 🐍

The most powerful rebrands are usually just a distillment of the best branding elements from your previous identity- made more simple and more powerful.

For example, when I rebranded Redrock Timbers earlier this year, it was not a transformational overhaul. It was a classic case of capitalizing on the recognition earned in the past and using it to "future-proof" the business and showcase quality.

A still from the RedRock Timbers Rebrand Earlier in 2024

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All this to say- Branding is important.

If you feel like your branding is not up to standard with the quality of product/service you offer, that's totally common. Most businesses push it to the backburner because they're so busy

If this is you, we offer brand roadmap calls to help you get clarity on your brand positioning and the role your visual assets play in your branding and marketing.

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